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It's not just what we do, but who we are that will win you over.



Gary Greb

Course Director
My favorite dive location is the Philippines. The variety of life and diversity is unparalled to any other dives sites I’ve visited. But I have to admit there really isn’t a bad dive location!

I joined No Limits Scuba team to create and grow a professional training program that is unique in providing a comprehensive industry awareness. Being an instructor is more than just knowing the rule of the training manual but also developing relationships and understanding all aspects including retail, training and travel.

Leslie Sherlin

IDC Staff Instructor
My favorite place to dive to date is the warm and colorful waters of Fiji; but I’ve already planned and the Red Sea and the Maldives are waiting for me! As an avid underwater photographer I enjoy a wide variety of locations and hope to capture the unique characteristics of each to share with others.

I joined No Limits Scuba because it was a welcoming community for any level of diver. Before becoming a PADI professional I found dive shops intimidating and the NLS attitude of inclusion makes all types of divers feel at home.

Chris Kibbee

Co-Owner, Director of Training
IDC Staff Instructor
My favorite place to dive is Cozumel, Mexico, or anywhere in California – two totally different diving experiences, but both equally amazing.I worked in a dive shop in California until moving to AZ in 2015 and teaming up with No Limits Scuba.

I chose No Limits because everyone works as a team and they all are like-minded people. Diving is all about having fun while being safe. The staff at No Limits Scuba fully encompasses both of those aspects to make training and working with them awesome!

Kelly Etchason

Open Water Scuba Instructor
My favorite dive spot is Cozumel. The ease of drift diving makes an already relaxing “sport” like watching a National Geographic film pass through the big screen of my mask. Warm water, diversity of terrain and wild life make this a special place.

I joined the No Limits Scuba ownership team after starting as a customer seeking my Open Water certification with my son.  We immediately became part of the NLS family and I just couldn’t otherwise get enough of this great group of staff and clients.

Instructors (alphabetically)


Andi Cox

Open Water Scuba Instructor
Every dive is fun and amazing, it is all about the people you dive with. There is never a bad dive just bad divers. LOL! Sea Lions are always going to be the best dive for me. I spent 14 years in the fashion industry, never getting a chance to truly enjoy my time off, and left LA to dive in the desert where I would have more time. Life is simply too fast paced and hectic that if you don’t take the time to slow it down it just isn’t worth it!

NLS is the most fun group of professionals out there. They truly care about each and every student and making sure that it is fun and safe. NLS goes out of their way to put the comfort of the student first. Instructors that care and make sure all concerns and questions are answered.

Derek McConnell

Open Water Scuba Instructor
Throughout my life I had taken vacations and would do Discover dives, but then got to the point where I wanted to dive “for real.”  We decided to plan a vacation to the Caribbean, and walked into No Limits Scuba and said “When can we start?” I became so addicted to diving that I even started a group to dive Vista Point at Lake Pleasant every Thursday night.  That is where I fell in love with night and deep dives.  It truly was a way for me to relieve stress.  I ended up guiding and leading people through the water and discovered my passion to share my love of scuba diving with new divers.  So, I became a professional diver in 2016.

I love the community atmosphere that No Limits Scuba has created.  Whether it’s down to Southern California, San Carlos, or Cozumel, I love diving each one for different reasons.  Being in the water with a tank (or two) of air is really where I find my inner peace.

Eric Herrera

Open Water Scuba Instructor
So far, my two favorite places to dive are the Cenotes in Mexico and Saba in the Dutch Caribbean.
The best part about being an instructor is that single moment when a new diver has that “ah ha” moment that makes everything click and they finally feel what it is like to effortlessly glide underwater.

An equal love for diving and helping those that want to learn more about diving is what drew me to No Limits Scuba. All dive shops love to dive, however when I walked into NLS I knew I found a group of people that loved sharing diving with others as much as I did.


Eric Wagner

IDC Staff Instructor
I am truly at home in the water and have been diving for most of my life. I love the adventure and beauty diving brings me. Diving has brought me a great deal of joy and knowledge that impacts my life in many ways. I love the opportunity to travel and see new places and make new friends. I am at home in cold water, warm water, and everything in between. Some of the places I love to dive are the Channel Islands off the coast of California as well as drift diving in Mexico.

Being able to share a passion for diving with others led me to become an instructor at No Limits Scuba. I enjoy helping students expand their abilities and overcome obstacles. I honestly learn something new about diving from students with every class I teach, a new perspective on a skill or even an easier way to perform it. I am focused on safety and providing my students the best environment to learn and enjoy the adventure of diving.

Fletcher Anderton

Open Water Scuba Instructor
 We’re waiting on Fletcher to come up for a tank refill and will force him to write his bio!

Gabby Lout

Open Water Scuba Instructor
 My favorite places to dive are the Hood Canal in Washington State and anywhere off the Caribbean island of Bonaire. Because of diving, I have gotten to travel the world, meet so many beautiful people, and be part of marine conservation research that is helping change the world. It has opened doors for me in my marine conservation career and has led to some of my best friends and shop family here at No Limits.

I have been part of the No Limits family since they opened their doors in 2013.  I have worked at dive shops in Washington, the Caribbean, and Hawaii, but nowhere is like No Limits Scuba. The training and attention provided here is truly unbeatable. We want every diver, at every level, to have fun and feel like they are part of the scuba family. We cant wait to show you this magical ocean world and the water is waiting…

Jeff Resler

Master Instructor
We’re waiting on Jeff to come up for a tank refill and will force him to write his bio!

Jim Baker

Master Scuba Diver Trainer
My love for the ocean began as a boy visiting my grandparents in Florida. I rode submarines for the U.S. Navy for 6 years. In 1983 while stationed in Pearl Harbor, HI, I received my PADI Open Water Certification. The Navy afforded me the opportunity to dive all over the world. My top 3 Dive Sites are: Guam, Vancouver, B.C. and Turks and Caicos Islands.

We found No Limits Scuba while looking to get our youngest daughter certified. We realized during her training that we had found our scuba community home. At the time my wife and I were both PADI Rescue Divers and had been for some time. We were so impressed with the quality of care and training our daughter received, that I decided to take the next step myself and became a PADI Pro joining the No Limits Scuba Tribe.

Josh Carter

Open Water Scuba Instructor
I never would have guessed that a Caribbean cruise combined with a spur of the moment scuba certification in April 2015 would have led to so much! Scuba diving has allowed me to travel, see amazing places, meet fantastic people and create lasting memories. Each place has its own draw, however the Cozumel and Playa combo is one I can’t seem to beat.

I am currently working as an instructor with the goal of retiring from the corporate world. After receiving my certification and quickly becoming addicted to the underwater world, it was an easy choice to work with NLS, where the family atmosphere aides in creating safe and confident divers.

Mark Samojla

Master Scuba Diver Trainer
I have always loved being outdoors and experiencing nature in different ways. I remember watching with wonder and amazement Jacques Cousteau adventures of exploration and reading his saying that the Sea of Cortez was “The world’s aquarium “ So it was a dream come true when I began diving in 1990 while working on the MV Seabird and Sea lion. Though I have been fortunate enough to have been diving in many beautiful locations in the Caribbean and Central America however the Sea Of Cortez remains my favorite waters in which to dive!

The wonders and beauty of the sea is what drives my passion to continue to broaden my field of knowledge. It is my hope that I can share the wonder and beauty that I see and experience underwater with new students. This is a passion that is shared by all of the Instructors and staff at No Limits Scuba which is why I am so excited to be a part of the team. A team that is dedicated to providing the very best possible learning experience for everyone so that they may become a part of the dive community and begin their own dive adventure.

Merlyn Wilson

Master Scuba Diver Trainer
I began diving over thirty years ago, in the Caribbean when I lived back east in Maryland. I have been fortunate being able to travel and dive all over the world; I enjoy every dive no matter where it is. Some of my favorite dives are wrecks, the Manta night dive in Hawaii, the lava tubes in Hawaii or cennotes in Mexico.

I enjoy teaching new divers to discover the underwater experience for the first time. Also very satisfying is teaching a seasoned diver a new specialty, or helping them advance their certification level. 

Mike Grosso

IDC Staff Instructor
We’re waiting on Mike to come up for a tank refill and will force him to write his bio!

Paul Matsuda

Master Scuba Diver Trainer
My favorite place for diving is Southeast Asia, where water is warm and marine life colorful and diverse. I consider Thailand my home base for diving, but I also like Indonesia, the Philippines and Okinawa. Closer to home, I love diving Cozumel and Cenotes in Mexico.

I have been working with No Limits Scuba since 2013. I love how the shop has developed a strong community of divers and dive professionals who are committed to making diving safe and enjoyable. I look forward to diving with you!

Ron “Oz” Osborne

Open Water Scuba Instructor
We’re waiting on Ron to come up for a tank refill and will force him to write his bio!

Scuter Markakis

IDC Staff Instructor
     My favorite place to dive in the Caribbean is Bonaire with Cozumel coming in a close second.  But the Galapagos has to be the absolute best overall… so far. The world is a big place and there are many diving destinations on my bucket list!
     I became an Instructor early in 2013.  Shortly thereafter I joined the No Limits Scuba team. That was one of my best decisions.  From the staff at the shop to all the other instructors, we are one big family, helping each other out. I’ve found that I love teaching. Whether it’s an Open Water class, Advanced, Rescue, Specialties or IDC’s I enjoy it all! I wish I could share my passion for diving with the whole world!

Thea Brown

Master Scuba Diver Trainer
I got certified because my husband came home one day and told me he had bought us scuba diving lessons. At first I wasn’t very good but I had a very patient instructor who really helped me make it through. Being from California and living on the beach we had a lot of great diving so I continued on with scuba going to advanced, rescue on to assistant instructor where I stopped to raise my family until I became an instructor in 2014.

I have a couple places that I really like to dive California of course the diversity of life is amazing, Hawaii is beautiful but I would have to say Honduras is just one of my all time favorite. I was teaching and working on a dive boat in Hawaii until I moved to Arizona, where I was very fortunate to start teaching with No Limits Scuba. The main reason I like teaching at NLS is because of the owners and fellow instructors who believe diving is about fun and being safe at the same time. Classes are kept small so we get to know students and allows instructors to give more attention to the students, and I like that aspect. I think when you walk into No Limits Scuba, you are not just a customer, you are family.

Todd Stork

Open Water Scuba Instructor
After years of enjoying “Discover Scuba” dives during family vacations I finally decided to get certified in 2015. I wanted to proceed directly to the professional level of “Dive Master” and after visiting several dive shops in the area, I felt NLS had the “Team Teaching” approach that would help achieve my goal of completing certification by the end of that year! I wanted to continue learning and improving my own dive skills and realized how much I enjoyed helping others do the same, so I continued my training and certification to Instructor.

I’ve made great friends during training and fun NLS dive trips to the Bahama’s, Cozumel, Mexico and California and really enjoy the “dive family” feeling at NLS.


Assistant Instructors


Ralph Kurtz

Assistant Instructor
My favorite places to dive are in Caribbean. Its teal green waters have such a calming effect, and since I tend to be a bit of an adrenaline junkie, it’s a nice change of pace.  When I retire my goal is to be somewhere in the Caribbean, doing what I love; diving!

I have enjoyed working with the rest of the NLS staff because they share similar values, integrity, and the same kind of passion for diving as do I.  They strive to create a wonderful safe learning environment for all students.  The family atmosphere of Instruction shows in every aspect of becoming a PADI certified diver. 

Steve Freyer

Assistant Instructor
I’ve been very lucky to have traveled to some amazing dive locations and feel privileged to dive their awesome reefs, walls and wrecks. So far, I have not experienced a place more incredible than Fiji, but I’m always working on it.  As a diver, the “Bucket and the List” become extremely large and always expanding. You can ask any diver what they are thinking about and almost always, they will respond with something that has to do with being surrounded by salt water. Once experienced, it remains in our blood, our minds, and our souls…

New friends, new places, amazing experiences and unforgettable memories are what you will always take with you during this journey of life.




Sean Dirks


Steven Manross

As a kid, I dreamed about seeing the undersea world up close and personal after watching biographies from Jacques Cousteau and cartoons like Johnny Quest. I caught the bug for diving during my Open Water class and wanted to increase my knowledge, so I kept acquiring more certifications and specialties until I hit Divemaster. I often visit Puerto Vallarta, and love the dive operations and sites to choose from.  Wreck Alley, in San Diego is also an interesting and close destination with some great sunken ships to explore.

The staff at No Limits Scuba wants you to love Scuba as much as we do.  We also want to promote safe diving habits so you can enjoy diving for many years to come.  I hope you come and dive with us!


You could become a Divemaster too. Contact No Limits and inquire about our professional program!

Supporting Roles


Conner Post

Chief Store Grunt
Rescue Diver
My favorite dive spots are San Carlos and Cozumel.  It’s an easy trip and there are lots of Sea Lions that like to play with the divers.

Most of the time if I’m not under the water I’m in charge of all the errands and menial work around the store.  It’s not glamorous but we all have to start somewhere!

Mariska Sherlin

Seal Team Demo Girl
Master Seal Team Diver
Junior Open Water Diver
I’m only 10 so I can’t get into really deep open water yet but I’m counting down the days. My favorite dive spot so far is Fiji.  I’ve been diving in the pool since I turned 8.  I usually get to “assist” when my dad teaches PADI Bubblemakers or Seal Team classes.  I love showing the skills I’ve been practicing to other kids who are learning to dive.

I love No Limits Scuba because even though I’m only 10 everyone still talks about scuba with me.  They really treat me like I’m part of the group and I love the way kids can be a part of the family of scuba at NLS.


Shop Dog
While I never thought I’d be a salty dog when I started life. As a rescue picked out by Chris and Kelly, scuba found me, you might say.

I love coming to No Limits Scuba every day because the customers and staff here are the best. You’ll usually find me napping in the office but if you bring a good dog biscuit I might show you the best deals in the store.  I know where they keep the good stuff!